I started practicing Antigymnastique® a few years ago, then I decided to know more about it, so I began my training. At present I am running weekly groups.
Thérèse Bertherat developed Antigymnastique® in the 1970s and chose the term "Anti-gymnastique®" at the time when " antipsychiatry " was popular. She was not rejecting classical exercise, but was considering that certain movements, for instance, movements that demand forced inhalation or bending the spine backwards to open the ribcage, only aggravated diaphragm and spine problems. During an Antigymnastique® class, the spoken word, self-reflection, the expression of sensations and emotions are just as important as the movements themselves.


We have our classes in little groups and in a comfortable and quiet environment. Silence and the pleasant sounds of Nature are the background to our work here on the Farm: It can be the ideal place to have an Antigymnastique® class. If you are interested in getting acquainted with Antigymnastique® during your holiday at Pan di Legno, ask me for further information. I suggest you visit the official web site www.antiginnastica.com : it is rich in photos, descriptions, stories.
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